About Us


YouGotThis! Fitness was born out of the the frustration I felt when looking for a fitness program I could do every day.  I am a middle aged, out of shape woman, and all I want to do now is focus on getting healthy so I can live a long life, where I can remain physically active. All I found were  classes that were too intense, extreme, or hardcore to do on a regular basis. The steps were complicated, the pace too fast, and the other people in the class already seemed to be in great shape.  Ugh!

It was a very humbling and disappointing experience. Why was the majority of the fitness industry only catering to people who were already fit?  Aren’t the people who really need it more like me?

Thus, YouGotThis! Fitness was born.  I know that the reality is there are millions of people…out of shape just like me… who WANT to exercise! So I am working hard to develop, and encouraging others to develop, exercise programs that are better suited for people who are wanting to be active and healthy, though maybe not Uber Fit. I understand, that when you are just starting out, or you have a larger body, or you have health conditions that may require you to slow down, that you need an exercise program where you are comfortable, feel welcome, feel like someone really cares about you, and is careful about teaching you ways of working out that is good for the body you are in.

Ultimately, my goal is to find ways for people to experience the joy that comes with the “AH HA” moment when they realize that they CAN do a certain exercise program.  (Whoo Hoo!) That they CAN improve their health, and they CAN live a happy and active lifestyle. I know that many of you have tried and struggled before, but I believe the secret is finding the RIGHT fitness class! This will change how you look at being active, and help you succeed with improving your health!  I love working out when it is with the right people and the right format!  I want that for you!

BTW – Bottom line, it’s your HEALTH and your HAPPINESS that is important! Not the number on the scale, or the size of your jeans!

So please check back here often  – check out the YGT Classes, the Partner Programs, and the Blogs. I will highlight fitness classes that are tailored to you and your healthy goals.  I will be introducing ways to get and keep your head in the game! I will be examining what it really means to be healthy and stay healthy! I know you can do this!

Come on! YouGotThis!