Bowling: A Younger Persons Sport? No Way

Bowling: A Younger Persons Sport? No Way


For my birthday this year I wanted to just do something just for the joy of it.  I thought of bowling because I have some fond memories of bowling when I was a younger, and it is something my hubby and I like to do.  I like the challenge of knocking down the pins, but don’t obsess with the score at all.  And I really like trying to get the movement of the delivery down to a smooth, graceful, powerful release.  Sometimes it feels good and seems to work, and sometimes the ball still bounces or heads straight for the gutter – LOL!  I am far from being consistent as my scores will attest – 143 one game and 86 another.  If I break 100 it is a good day!

The point of this post is to remind every one that being active doesn’t have to be drudgery.  According to My Fitness Pal, bowling for 2 hours burned over 500 calories!  I got to use different muscles I don’t use a lot, including my smile muscles!  It was pure fun for me and good for my body and brain and soul.

I will admit that the day after I woke up a little stiff, with a bit of soreness in a knee, and an elbow, but it was worth it.  As I get older I am learning to expect the discomforts of being active, but know that the benefits to my body far outweigh the little aches.  Stretch it out, take a pain reliever if needed, and keep going!!

That is the secret to an active lifestyle and reaping the benefits of the same – just keep going!

Find something you love to do, just for the joy of it, and put in on your calendar for next weekend.

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