Summer of 2016 – The Best Summer Ever!

Summer of 2016 – The Best Summer Ever!

00001933Phew, ok – i am just coming down from wedding high, and looking forward to having a summer of fun, outdoor, adventures!

I am so sorry I haven’t been very active in updating my website, or blogging.  I wasn’t the one getting married, it was my lovely daughter, and even though she did most of the planning, there still seemed to be a bit of a frenzy in my home to get ready for the big day. It was fabulous, and worth every worry, but I couldn’t focus on much more than that and work.  But now I have some time again, so I am going to step it up!

A couple of things happening very soon!  First, Easy 8’s Dancercise classes are finally starting – Yay!  Thanks to my friends Suzy (in the pic with me at the right) and Judy for testing them out and providing some valuable feedback.  I am having so much fun!  And if you haven’t heard me say it before, it is very important for you health, to ditch the stress and just have some fun!  Every single day you should have some time to do something that brings you peace and joy!  The feel good endorphins, not having the stress related hormones messing with your fat burning furnace – these are just some of the benefits of relaxing and feeling good.  And being active is great way to feel good!  [You can find out more about the Dancecise classes under Our Programs, or on YouGotThis! Fitness facebook page.]

Ooops – I got sidetracked….

The second thing that is going to start soon, is what I call our YGTF Summer of Support.  Very soon I will be setting up a private FaceBook group, for women in the Sacramento region, who want to try to be more active this summer and needs a little support.  I think it would be so nice to meet more people, just like ME, who really want to get out there and do more, but just don’t have anyone to do it with.  I know I would like to have someone to chat with about any frustrations, with the purpose of finding better solutions instead of tossing on a pity-party party hat.  YGTF will host some excursions so we can meet each other face to face, and do some things together once in awhile.  My hubby knows of a great easy hike up by tahoe (where it is cooler!), that is next to a pretty little lake, and FLAT.  I would love to take a group out to try kayaking.  Indoor cycling, boxing, are a couple of things I want to try again, but not by myself.  If we can arrange it, I would even be opening to going to other events with anyone in the group if they do not want to go by themselves.  How about a pool party, only with people just like us!?!  Heeyyyyy, i would like that…..  Ok- those are just a few ideas.  Would love to hear more.  In the meantime, watch for announcements on our Facebook page.  if you would like to join, email me at as I will probably limit it to the first 25 women who contact me.

Speaking of Facebook, did you know that even if you pay for marketing to reach more people, that those people still can’t see your content again unless you have people liking, commenting, or sharing your posts?  Wow, was that an eye opener for me!!  So if you find something you like on our Facebook page, please like/comment/share, so we can reach even more people with positive messages about how to be healthy, active, and happy with the body you have RIGHT NOW.

Hope to see you at one of the above, and chat with you all soon!

Hugs!  Shelly

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