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Choosing Happiness

happy baby edited

Can you look at this laughing baby and not smile?  Can you remember when was the last time that you were really rolling on the floor laughing your ass off?  How many times when you text LOL are you actually laughing?  It is a poor substitute for the real thing, isn’t it?  If we were all born with this innate ability to chuckle with unrestrained joy, what happened to it?

I am dedicating an entire blog section to happiness because it is very important to our well being. Isn’t having a happy life a universal desire people want, regardless of race, wealth, or graphical location?  There are tons of studies of how happy people live longer and are more satisfied with their lives. Or is it the other way around – are people who are more satisfied with their lives, happy people who live longer?

So much to ponder on this subject!  Join me as I learn more about happiness – why you need it in your life, and how to find it.  Check back often, and if you find any great insights on your own, please email  Hugs!  Shelly Mae