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Are you beautiful?

“Shelly? Are you beautiful?” This was a question often posed to me by my counselor over the course of many meetings. I was there to talk out my feelings of inadequacy that had reached a level I could no longer manage. Due to a series of rejections (whether real or perceived), I felt I wasn’t a good enough daughter, sister, mother, or wife. So I must not be a very good person. Then, how could I be beautiful?

Week after week we talked about how I got to where I was. The things I couldn’t control, and the things I could. The issues that were mine, and the issues that weren’t. The choices I had made, and the positive choices I could make every single day going forward.

Layer by layer, I shed the negative feelings, and replaced them with the recognition of all the good things about life, and about me. I have a good heart. I am a caring, giving, compassionate person. I enjoy helping others. I love having fun! And amazingly enough, as I became to love and be proud of the person I am on the inside, the easier it was to love and be proud of what I was on the outside.

I AM beautiful! I love my curves and hazel eyes, and hugging people! I start everyday choosing to be happy, and to be filled with hope that I am in store for a great day!

YOU are beautiful too!  Just think of all the the things you like about yourself, and what it feels like when you are your happy, genuine self.  Then choose to be show that person to the world every single day!