Hey Rose! What day is it?

Hey Rose! What day is it?

It's Hump Day!

It’s Hump Day!

I am writing this on Hump Day – LOL.  Isn’t it funny that the day of the week can invoke certain feelings within us? Monday is dreaded as we feel like we have to drag ourselves out of bed to start another week. Wednesday marks the halfway point through the drudgery of our work week. And then….Thank God It’s Friday! Whoo Hoo!

But what if everyday could be a Friday?! What if you could choose to have the same happiness and enthusiasm going into the work week as coming out of it? What would it be like to walk into work everyday, like you did on a Friday?  All smiling and less stressed with a bounce in your step.
Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN make everyday a good day!  A long period of unemployment made it a little easier for my husband and I to appreciate the gift of being able to make a living.  Every workday before we leave the house, we remind ourselves “Yay, we get to go to work!”.  Ok, it isn’t exactly the same joy that you feel when you are looking at 2 days of sleeping in and connecting with family and friends,but it is a marked improvement.  By accepting the workday as a blessing, I feel less burdened and more ready to deal with challenges with a positive attitude.  I don’t hate Mondays!  
The point is, you can change your perspective, and your expectations that are currently limiting you from a happy, lighter heart, every day of the week!  Try it!  Think of three positive things you can be grateful for at work and at home each morning.  Smile to yourself, and say to yourself, “This is going to be a good day!”   I think you will be surprised to find how many more there are.  Hugs!  Shelly

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