Intro – Exercise Is Just Moving Your Body

Intro – Exercise Is Just Moving Your Body

Your body was designed to move, and moving your body is key to your physical and psychological well being. One of the biggest boosts to body image and self esteem comes from exercise!

Still, movement needs to be something that feeds your soul – something you enjoy, not something you feel obligated to do. And you should never put off moving your body because you believe you are too fat, unfit, old, or busy.

All of our YouGotThis! Fitness workouts are designed to be confidence building, properly paced programs, where you can feel good about moving your body. You will feel welcomed and in a place where you belong. We will help you relax and be mindful of your body in every class.

We will be introducing as much variety as possible through our own YGT Classes, and our Partner Programs, because we know different people enjoy different activities. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do. As long as you do something physical that you love, you will feel the benefits to your well being.

We want to help you make moving your body every single day a joyful part of your life instead of something you suffer through. Then you will see that being active and improving your health isn’t as hard as you thought.

Come on! You Got This!