Easy 8’s Dancercise

Easy 8’s Dancercise


Have you wished for a Dancercise that comes with step-by-step instructions?  Then YouGotThis! Fitness has exactly what you wished for!!

Easy 8’s Dancercise is made up of only 8 Moves, of 8 Counts each, and I show you how to do every move, one step at a time.  We will go through the steps over and over, gradually increasing the energy to help you get into the beat.  And if you already enjoy dancing, this brings double the benefits.  The enjoyment you feel will teach your brain that moving your body is a GOOD thing, and as you recognize how GOOD it feels even days after exercising, you will want to do it more and more often.

It’s all about feeling GOOD!  That is what leads to making healthy choices, and appreciating the body you have TODAY.

Come join me and dance away the stress.  Dance class times are:

See the times and studios listed on the current flyer.  TEXT ME TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

I love to dance!  The only thing that makes it even better is dancing with others, just like you.  Give it a try!

Come on – YouGotThis!

Hugs!  Shelly