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Hi from Kelly!

I offer personal and small group training for real everyday people. My goal is to help you meet your fitness needs by offering functional training that is constantly varied and FUN and that can be modified for every fitness level. My mission is to inspire you and empower you to make fitness a part of your lifestyle no matter what stage of life you are in. It is never too late to feel better, move more, and change your outlook on life.

Personally, all I know is that I spent my who life limited to what my mind was telling me I wasn’t capable of. It wasn’t until I stopped listening and did it anyway that I was able to find my true potential. Now, fear or no fear, I do it anyway and my life has changed. I’d really like the opportunity to help you do that too, If you’d let me.

Shelly Mae’s YGTF review:

When I took Kelly’s class, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge, and her compassion. It was about ME, and not the workout. She knew exactly how to give me instructions I could understand, and that would keep me from hurting myself. She pushed me on, made me sweat, and I left feeling very good about myself….which is not the norm! She would be a great teacher for anyone wanting to improve their strength and stamina, but especially those with little experience.

Kelly is offering a special K-Fit Lite program just for people like us, on Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Sign up for this 8 week progressive course and see the improvements in your own health and mobility!  Call number below to sign up!

If you want to give it a free test drive, try the Saturday 9AM FREE FIT CLUB open to anyone – but please call first to confirm your spot.


8496 Folsom Blvd., Suite 1 – Kelly@k-fit.me – (916) 501 – 2222

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