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As the name implies, this class is for any person with a body – that’s you! All Bodies Yoga is designed with special consideration for those who living with disabilities, obesity, chronic pain, injuries, and other physical challenges, and we are wheelchair accessible!

No yoga experience is necessary at all. If you are able to sit in a chair and/or stand, you will likely benefit from this class. The instructor will guide you in using your breath and bodily movements to decrease stress, increase flexibility, and improve your sense of inner calm. Many modifications are offered for various levels of ability and ranges of motion Sign up for a class at http://www.theyogaseed.org/class-schedule/.

Shelly Mae’s YGTF review:

I loved this class! Yoga is a great way to start getting your mind and body ready to move! I have been to many other Beginner Yoga classes that still felt too advanced and hard to follow with the body I am in. But at this class I found myself very welcomed, and comfortable, and never lost. Jen has a great sense of humor, and gave great instructions in her calm way that were easy to follow I liked the strap assisted stretching, and the Vinyasa-like flow routine against the wall. If you are interested in trying Yoga for the very first time, I would recommend this class. Before you sign up, also see the note to Newbies that Marleena Carter wrote here: http://www.theyogaseed.org/featured-article-1/.



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